Pregnancy Confessions: Rulebreaking Edition

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Before I start this post, I do want to give a little disclaimer that I made a YouTube video (and posted it today as well) on this exact subject… Just in case you would rather listen to me than read my thoughts. Which honestly, this version will be a lot more “professional” than the video.

Now let’s get on to the post!

I decided to write some Pregnancy Confessions since I always hear about women feeling bad for doing certain things during pregnancy, and wondering if they are harming their baby in any way while they do it. So here I am, exposing myself to make you feel better. You’re welcome!

I am not pregnant right now, but these are all things I did during my first pregnancy (with Isabel) and they are all things I “wasn’t supposed to do” but did anyways. And let’s be real, every pregnant woman breaks a rule or two since there are so many!

I may turn “Pregnancy Confessions” into a series based on a few things I did during my pregnancy that I may not be super proud of! So stay tuned in case I do turn this into an ongoing series on here.

I’m going to give you 5 Rulebreaking Pregnancy Confessions and after those, you can expect to read a small rant on my thoughts about why I broke these rules.

  1. I Drank Soda

I drank soda (only one can a day, though) all the time while I was pregnant.

Let’s face it, soda isn’t good for you - but DANG it is good!

I loved drinking soda for the taste while I was pregnant, but mainly because it helped settle my nausea sometimes when the medicine wasn’t working enough. Somehow the bubbles helped my stomach, and I definitely don’t feel bad about drinking it during my pregnancy.

2. I Ate Lunch Meat

I’ll admit it, I ate lunch meat while I was pregnant. Another “no-no”, but something I did often.

Again I am bringing up my nausea, but my stomach was (and still is) extremely finicky since I was so sick. So when I craved something during pregnancy, I had to eat it. And I craved a lot of sandwiches.

3. I Moved Heavy Furniture

I am totally not proud of this one, but my nesting instincts took over and I HAD to move furniture.

Out of all of these Rulebreaking Pregnancy Confessions, this is the only one I really wish I hadn’t done. Not because it caused any issues for me or Isabel, but because I didn’t HAVE to move furniture.

The nesting instincts inside me made me do it… I swear!

4. I Didn’t Always Take My Prenatals

I didn’t take any prenatal vitamins until I was in my second trimester, once I was on medication and could keep food down. Even then, I wasn’t good at taking them every day since they occasionally made me sick.

Pro-tip if you deal with this issue: what helped me was taking the gummy prenatals and always making sure to take them with a meal.

5. I Took Zofran Every Day

This is the one I KNOW I will get backlash on.

I took Zofran every day from about 12 weeks on.

I tried so many natural remedies to avoid medication, but none of them worked for me. My doctor and I discussed it, and it was better for me to take medication and risk the possible side effects than it was for me to not take it at all.

I don’t like telling people I took medication since I get such a negative response, but I don’t regret taking medicine at all. I still suffer from my pregnancy and being so sick, I can’t imagine how much worse it would be now if I didn’t have Zofran!

So, what is the point of me sharing these Rule-Breaking Pregnancy Confessions?

I’m sharing these to show you mamas out there, that you and your baby will (most likely) be fine if you eat lunch meat, take medication that is prescribed by your doctor, drink soda, etc.

Pregnant women are shamed all the time, for everything they do.

Everyone likes to think they are a “pregnancy expert” and they know what is best for you and your baby… but the truth is they probably don’t.

When you are pregnant, don’t believe everything you read or hear. Talk with your doctor and find out what is best for you and your situation.

I hope this post gave you some peace of mind if you broke some rules during your pregnancy! I would love to hear your what rules you broke during your pregnancy so feel free to leave those in the comments below, or message me privately!



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