Podcasts That Every Expectant Mother Should Listen To

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Since I am currently working on getting my certificate to teach Childbirth classes, I have been searching online for great resources for expectant mothers. One of the main reasons I decided to get my certificate is because I feel like there are so many lies being spread about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and motherhood.

In my search to find tools I can refer expectant mothers to, I have looked into different blogs, YouTube channels, books… and finally I stepped into the world of Podcasts!

What is so amazing about Podcasts is you can listen to them while you do anything. I am the type of person who absolutely needs noise in the background at all times: whether it is a t.v. show, a movie, a podcast, music or an audio book… there needs to be something! And it’s even better if you can learn a thing or two from whatever you are listening to.

I decided to compile this list of my top 5 Podcasts for expectant mothers (or just moms in general) because I feel that each of these podcasts has something special added to it that makes it stand out in my eyes! All of these have their own separate websites but I listen to them on Spotify.

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The first podcast is the Informed Pregnancy Podcast by Dr. Elliot Berlin

I found this podcast when I discovered Hilary Duff had told her birth story in one of the episodes. Hilary Duff is definitely my favorite celebrity so I was so excited to get to hear her talk all about her home birth!

Dr. Elliot Berlin, who is the host of the podcast, is a prenatal chiropractor and I believe he also has stated that he is now a doula as well. He talks with experts, and moms, and just has very candid (and informational) discussions on pregnancy and birth. I think this podcast is perfect for any mom who wants to know more about pregnancy and birth so they can make their own educated decisions on what they think is the best choice for themselves.

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The second podcast is the Birth Hour by Bryn Huntpalmer.

I actually discovered this podcast through the Facebook group that includes everyone taking the same course I am in Childbirth Education. One of the women recommended it - and boy am I glad that she did!

I could listen to this podcast for HOURS! If you are a birth story junkie like me you will just love this podcast. Bryn Huntpalmer is the host and she is a blogger and podcaster with a new guest on the show every episode. Each individual episode is a new birth story, and it is so interesting to hear such a variety of different birth plans and experiences from different perspectives.

birthful the podcast.jpg

The third podcast is Birthful the Podcast by Adriana Lozada.

Adriana Lozada hosts this podcast and invites experts to talk about all things pregnancy, labor, birth and mothering related. This podcasts reminds me a lot of the Informed Pregnancy podcast, but I believe this podcasts gives a different perspective since Adriana is a female host vs. Elliot being a male host. And no, I do not think one of the podcasts is better because it is run by a man/woman, I just like listening to both male and female perspectives. Each podcasts has different experts on their show which helps you get the best information you possibly can!

babes and babies.jpg

The fourth podcasts is Babes and Babies hosted by Bachelor alum Jade Roper, Carly Waddell, and Elizabeth Sandoz.

If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of the Bachelor franchise! It is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. So when I found out three of the alums were getting together for a podcast that is all about pregnancy and motherhood, I was so excited!

Jade and Carly both have daughters, and Liz is a doula. This podcast is the one I listen to when I want to laugh and just really enjoy candid mom talk. I recommend this to anyone who loves the bachelor franchise, but also to any mom who wants a new podcast to listen to!

The fifth, and final, podcast on this list is Risen Motherhood by Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen.

I don’t talk much about religion on social media, but I am a Christian! I have my own reasons for not posting about super often, but I felt so compelled to add this podcast to my list.

This podcast is for the Christian mother who needs a little encouragement. I listen to this podcast when I need reminders about God’s plan for me and how I can use the way I parent my children to shape their lives in BIG WAYS.

Laura and Emily are both moms and they have an amazing way at sharing the gospel all while talking about very relevant topics on motherhood. So if you are a Christian mom looking for a podcast to listen to - this one is it!

Let me know if you have a favorite podcast for pregnancy, birth, and motherhood that I didn’t list and I will be sure to check it out! I am always looking for new podcasts.