I'm Pregnant with Baby #2!

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Well this is a post I didn’t think I would be writing today! But I just found out I am pregnant with Baby #2!

Collin and I are super excited (and nervous) for this new journey, and I am glad I get to bring all of you along for the ride.

I found out Friday, July 12th. You’ll be reading this Monday, July 15th and you may be wondering why we are sharing the big news so soon. I will get more in depth in a separate blog post, but we could use love, support and prayers. I am already dealing with morning sickness, and don’t want to have to lie about how I feel on my social media or blog… But again, I will go more in depth about this in another post. So stay tuned!

Now, I am sure you want to know all about how we found out I was pregnant. I just filmed and edited a video of how I found out and how I told Collin so if you want to watch that definitely go check it out, but it is a super jumbled video and definitely not “professional” since I was totally caught off guard. So if you want a better look into my mind and how I found out from my perspective, keep on reading!

I had been testing all week last week and was getting negative tests. With my period (supposedly) approaching, I was feeling very defeated and believed I was “out” for the month.

I was due for my period on Thursday, which was 14 days past ovulation, but when I took the test and got another negative result, I began to think I was wasting my time and my period would be coming shortly.

But Thursday came and went and my period was had still not shown up.

Thursday night I went to bed… and woke up TWICE to pee. And when I woke up to pee I couldn’t stop burping (which if you read my story on how I found out I was pregnant with Izzy, you would know that was my first symptom).

When I woke up Friday morning I realized I was nauseous AGAIN. For the eighth day in a row. And that combined with me waking up to pee and all the burping I had been doing, I realized I should just take a test… just to be sure.

I didn’t have high hopes as I assumed it would have already been positive by now, but I kept telling myself there is no harm in testing. So, I peed on an internet cheapie… and almost instantly a faint line appeared.

I was in such shock; I ran downstairs and grabbed my camera. I didn’t fully believe I was seeing a line since I wondered if it was an indent line or my eyes playing tricks on me; But then I looked at my tests from earlier that week and none of those had any sort of line on them.

I turned on the camera, and just sat there for a minute; I didn’t know what to say, what to think, or what to do.

I finally realized I had a First Response test, and decided to take that one since they are more sensitive to the HCG hormone, so the line wouldn’t be as faint. I dipped the test, and immediately a faint line popped up… but with this test, the line got darker, until it was a full-blown line.

Pregnancy Tests.jpeg

I started crying because I was so sure that I wasn’t pregnant that month, and I started convincing myself I was crazy and was looking too into my symptoms.

After the initial shock wore off, I immediately started planning on how I was going to tell Collin.

I am only four weeks, but got an ultrasound to make sure baby implanted in the uterus. Everything is looking good so far, and I will definitely keep you all updated!

Baby #2 Ultrasound 1.jpeg

And in case you were wondering, we got an ultrasound done super early in my pregnancy with Izzy, too. So the left is Izzy at 4 weeks and 5 days, and the right is Baby #2 at 4 weeks and 1 day.

Izzy vs Baby #2 Updated.png

Our baby is so tiny, but is already so loved and we cannot wait to meet him or her!

But, back to the point. I told Collin by putting a pregnancy announcement in our silverware drawer, and when he got home I made him a smoothie and told him he could grab his straw from the drawer.

Needless to say, he was SHOCKED. He didn’t think there was any way I could be pregnant since all week I had been telling him I would have gotten a positive test by then. I also had a beer Thursday night and Friday I was trying to throw him off guard by telling him we should drink beers and watch a movie when he got home from work.

Telling Collin PG Display.jpeg

I definitely nailed it on this pregnancy announcement!

You can expect tons of pregnancy-related posts coming your way and I want to thank you so much for reading this post. I can’t wait to document this pregnancy and share it with all of you! Please keep us and the baby in your thoughts and prayers since it is still early on.



Pregnancy Announcement Baby #2.JPG