How to Pick the Best OB or Midwife When You Are Pregnant

Your pregnancy will be one of the most special times of your life. It may also be the most emotional and most difficult.

That was definitely the case for me… My pregnancy was SO DIFFICULT.

I battled with my emotions, hyperemesis gravidarum, an irritable uterus, and many other symptoms that so many other pregnant women feel.

But all of it was so worth it for my baby girl!

Maternity Photo 3.jpg

One thing I learned pretty early on was how important it was to not only have an OBGYN that I trusted - but one that I also genuinely liked.

I had a few run ins with some terrible OB’s before I met mine. I had one who was rude to me for being pregnant at 21, I had one who was rude and didn’t want to listen to my pregnancy concerns. And I had some who were just trying to get me in and out of the office and didn’t care about my questions.

The first trimester of my pregnancy I didn’t have medical insurance - which was super difficult for us. Finally, we found a place where I could get temporary insurance and could get seen. Even though they would not be my permanent OB because they were over an hour away. Which I was okay with because this was the doctor who was rude to me about being pregnant young.

So once I was finally able to get put on insurance (at 14 weeks pregnant) I thought it was going to be difficult finding an OB who would take me on since I was over a third done with my pregnancy.

I was so worried about finding a doctor who I could trust but also who would take me seriously and treat me kindly. I already knew I needed someone who could handle my personality because I have a bad habit of acting like everything is okay (even when it definitely isn’t). I just downplay everything unintentionally!

It ended up being pretty simple, though and I actually loved my first OB! She is still currently my gynecologist and I plan on her being my OB for my next pregnancy if I don’t go with a midwife!

But all of the switching doctors in my first trimester taught me what to look for in an OB and why you should not settle for anything less.

  1. The first thing that I think you need to look for is a doctor you can trust.

    Since pregnancy is such a special time, it is so important to trust your doctor 100% and feel comfortable voicing all your concerns and feeling heard and ultimately comforted!

  2. You need a doctor who takes their time with you.

    The last thing you want is to go to the OB and have them rushing you in and out. You want someone who is going to take time to listen to you and make sure that you are okay.

  3. You should get a doctor who is completely on board with your birth plan.

    If you have a birth plan, you want to make sure your doctor is okay with it. Most doctors I talked to were rude when I told them I did not think I wanted the epidural. I did end up getting it, but you want your doctor to be okay with what your birth choice is. You don’t want to feel pressured into getting an epidural or a c-section if it isn’t necessary.

I hope these tips help you know what to look for in your OB or midwife! These are all things I found out while I was pregnant and seeing a doctor - and luckily mine was awesome so I hope yours is, too!