How I Found Out I Was Pregnant

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So, same as my birth story I thought I would post the story of how I found out I was pregnant – because what mama doesn’t like hearing a story about someone finding out their pregnant?!

My husband and I got married July 24, 2016. We knew we wanted kids but were planning on waiting three years to get pregnant with our first baby.

Which needless to say, didn’t happen since our daughter, Izzy, was born June 27, 2017. We definitely weren’t trying. It was just something that happened which we ended up extremely happy about!

This particular time before I found out I was pregnant was a time full of huge changes. I put my two-week notice in at work. I had just found a new part-time nanny job. I was considering taking a course to become a Birth Doula. We were also just married and in the process of moving.

Leading up to me actually taking the pregnancy test, I wasn’t really having any symptoms. The only things I could attribute to my pregnancy was the fact that I was burping all the time (which definitely wasn’t like me) and I had some spotting - which ended up being implantation bleeding.

On the morning of Monday October 24, 2016 before I went to work I decided to go to CVS to buy a pregnancy test. I also didn’t tell Collin because I was almost positive it was going to be negative. I was talking to my cousin Bridget at the time, though, who was there for moral support (shout-out to you, Bridget!)

I got home from CVS, took the test… and before I even set it down on the counter it was positive.

Izzy Pregnancy Test.jpg

I could not stop saying “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.”

I sent Bridget a picture and internally I was freaking out.

All my life I had wanted to be a mom, but when I saw the positive test I couldn’t be more nervous. I wondered if I was ready. I wondered what Collin was going to think. Needless to say, I was FREAKING OUT!

Work was so tough. I was so excited and nervous I couldn’t focus on what I needed to do. I don’t think a work day has ever been as slow as that day was.

During my lunch break instead of eating I decided to go to Target and buy a pack of onesies so I could give them to Collin when he got home from work.

When my shift was over I rushed home and just could not wait to tell Collin. I took the second pregnancy test which showed up positive right away and put it in a bag with the onesies and hid them next to the couch.

Collin came home and noticed how weird I was acting. He even jokingly asked, “What? Are you pregnant?”


I obviously freaked out internally and said, “No, of course not!”

After he was home for a little bit and he was sitting on the couch I sat next to him and pulled out my phone. I set it on video so I could record his reaction. I told him I had a present for him and he was so confused! I reached over and grabbed the bag and put it in his lap.

He looked in the bag and took out the onesies and looked at me confused. So, I told him to look some more and he saw the test. Instantly he put everything down and put down the phone so I couldn’t record him – and he just hugged me so tight. We didn’t say anything for a while because we were both just in shock.

Collin Pregnancy Reaction Izzy.jpg

Once the initial shock wore off, we were flooded with just absolute joy… and nerves. We were still nervous!

The reason why I want to tell my story is because it is normal to be shocked and nervous and a little scared when you find out you are pregnant! I was scared the entire pregnancy but especially the first trimester. I was also so nervous about having a miscarriage or something being wrong with Izzy.

Just because you’re married and “ready” for a baby doesn’t mean you aren’t going to have any anxiety about your pregnancy and that is okay!

Surround yourself with people who are positive and will help you feel your best during pregnancy… because let’s be real. Pregnancy can be HARD! Just remember that no matter what happens, it is all happening for a reason. If it is a difficult trial, it is to help you learn something. If it is easy just remember to soak it in.

You got this mama!