Hospital Bag Checklist

When I was preparing for the birth of my daughter, I was so nervous and had no idea what to bring to the hospital.

I reviewed so many lists but still found myself not having a few things that (to me) were necessities.

I thought I would share some of my Hospital Bag MUST HAVES with you guys along with a checklist on what to bring to the hospital!

I should warn you that I am a notorious over packer… But in my mind, it is better to be over prepared than under prepared!

This list will include items for not only mommy, but also daddy and baby so you are completely ready to go to the hospital!

Hospital Bag Checklist official.png

Some of this stuff is obvious and some of it can be unnecessary.

For example, some people wear their own clothes in the hospital. Since I was only in the hospital for about 24 hours I preferred wearing the hospital gown since it was easiest for me.

Also, some people bring onesies for their baby in the hospital but we just swaddled Izzy since they are constantly doing tests on the baby!

Diapers and wipes for baby are also not necessary since the hospital has those, unless you have a specific brand you want to use. Izzy only uses the Honest Company diapers and wipes so our future children will probably do the same!

I plan on doing a Breastfeeding Necessities, Postpartum Necessities, and Pregnancy Necessities so I can go more in depth on certain products and mention which ones I use.

One last piece of advice I want to give you is to stock up on as many supplies the hospital as you can at the hospital: such as diapers, wipes, pads, ice packs, etc.

I hope this list helps you know what to pack in your diaper bag!