8 Week Pregnancy Update

8 Week Pregnancy Update (blog).png

Hey guys, it’s been way too long.

I wanted to just hop on the blog really quick to give you guys an update on how I have been doing and my symptoms. This will probably be a super short post, but I just wanted to get this out there.

Honestly, this post is so hard to write as I not only have mom brain, but now I have pregnancy brain and sick brain (just made that up) and all of them are making it hard for me to organize my thoughts. So please, bear with me and just remember that I will hopefully get back into normal blog posts soon - I just need to get through this difficult time.

I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum again, and I plan on doing a separate blog post and YouTube video all about HG so I won’t go too in depth, but I am definitely struggling with it right now despite being on two separate medications.

I am currently taking a Phenegran suppository (yup, you read that right. So glamorous), and Zofran as needed. Together, the medications are helping me not be constantly puking, but I am so exhausted and still feeling nauseous even while taking both of them.

I would say nausea is my main symptom, and other than that I am fatigued, have so many food aversions, I am out of breath and bloated. But luckily, I am not dealing with much else!

Mentally, though, I am feeling very defeated.

I feel so guilty for getting pregnant again and putting myself, Collin and Izzy through all of this. I feel guilty because I am unable to do anything around the house since I feel so sick. I feel guilty because I am no longer a functioning member of society and basically only have the energy to keep myself and Izzy alive.

I know this is just a season, but DANG it is the hardest time of my life. HG is such a terrible sickness, and I wish I could explain it well enough for people to understand how physically, mentally and emotionally draining and terrible it is.

I know I will feel better once our little baby is here, but that doesn’t make each day any easier.

I hope I can shed some more light on how I am doing later this pregnancy, but I am too sick to type right now so I have to cut this blog post off here. Just know, I am struggling but hanging in there. Thank you to everyone who has been following my journey so far and for all of your prayers and support - it truly means the world to me.