5 Things That I Wish I Knew Before My First Pregnancy

5 Things That I Wish I Knew Before My First Pregnancy.png

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and magical time in a woman’s life.

But, it can also be difficult, painful, and scary for an expectant mother.

Before I got pregnant with my daughter, I had such a beautiful outlook on pregnancy. I couldn’t wait to be pregnant one day: have the baby bump and the famous pregnancy glow.

And BOY, did I get a rude awakening when I got pregnant.

I still loved every second of my pregnancy - even though it was so difficult. I battled with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (which you may know about because that is what Kate Middleton had with her pregnancies), an irritable uterus, and a few other (very normal) things that I had never know about before. I plan on eventually writing a pregnancy story - but it would be a LONG one! And I honestly wished I was better prepared for it.

So I decided to write this blog post. This one is for all of the first-time, or even second or third-time, moms who are pregnant. Here are 5 things that I wish I knew before my pregnancy!

1. Pregnancy is not like how movies and television shows portray it.

You’ve seen them before. The movies where the woman is pregnant, still going on her daily runs and seemingly having no complications. They don’t even get contractions until they are in labor and things just always seem to go smoothly.

In all honesty, that is not how pregnancy is for most women.

Yes, there are unicorn moms who have pregnancies like that but don’t watch a television show or movie and expect your pregnancy to be just like that.

I remember watching things where the woman would have morning sickness. Maybe throw up one time and be done for the day. I wish it were like that for me! I had to be on medication to stop from throwing up as I was vomiting over 20 times every day. I couldn’t even keep water down or wet my lips with an ice cube.

I feel like women with pregnancy complications or issues just aren’t portrayed enough in the media.

2. Don’t listen to everything that people tell you.

I can’t tell you how many times people gave me their unwanted - and kind of rude advice. I had people on my case for drinking a soda while I was pregnant. I had people saying I shouldn’t be taking my nausea medication and that too many ultrasounds is bad for the baby. Just the most ridiculous things.

Remember that YOU are the mama. YOU love your baby more than they do and if YOU and YOUR DOCTOR think it is safe for you to do something - then it probably is!

3. It is such a good idea to do your research about pregnancy, birth, and parenting!

I always had basic knowledge of childcare since I took college courses in Child Development and was a preschool teacher and nanny. I had also done some research on pregnancy and childbirth due to the fact that it has always been a passion of mine!

But I learned that you can never know everything.

So keep reading, keep researching, keep taking classes! It is good to be informed in order to make your own decisions on what you do or do not want to do with your body or your baby!

4. Pregnancy will affect your ENTIRE body.

I know this seems obvious but I didn’t realize that pregnancy will affect your entire body - even into postpartum. I didn’t realize there would be so much swelling (but please consult your doctor about any swelling to make sure it isn’t from a complication), back aches, round ligament pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, troubles going to the bathroom, and the list goes on and on… and on… and on…

Every body is different, every pregnancy is different, so just know that it is okay for your pregnancy to be affecting your body in a different way from someone else. Don’t compare with other moms! - Especially since some people only show what they want you to see on thier social media.

5. Pregnancy may be difficult at times, but it is so magical.

I know I have been going on about some negative aspects of pregnancy, but pregnancy is one of THE MOST beautiful things in this world.

Through all of the hardships, remember that you are making a human being. You are growing them in your body and going to raise them to be an amazing individual. You only get such a small amount of time with the cute bump and the baby kicks.

Soak it all in, mama!

Pregnancy is hard - but it is beautiful and it is a miracle.