the Introduction to my Babysitting Series

My daughter just turned 18 months, so lately the thought of her inevitably going to school one day has been looming in the back of my mind.

Right now I am a stay at home mom (and a part time nanny), with no plans of returning to work, but I do know once Izzy gets older I want her to go to school a few hours a day.

When I was growing up my parents always taught me the importance of preschool. And when I finally became a preschool teacher I realized how much children learn in that environment and how awesome I think it is for kids to get to experience that.

I taught the Early Preschool classroom the longest out of any class I have taught. I had 12 kids ranging from two and a half years old to three years old all to myself every day. My students learned so much from being in my class. We focused on the basics of letters, numbers, starting to write, but mainly I loved helping them develop their creativity and their social skills. We worked on being kind to others, problem solving, sharing, responsibility, and just an endless amount of things.

I am not sure when I want to enroll Izzy, but I do know that I want her to get to experience that one day even if it is just for a few hours a couple days a week.

But all of this got me thinking about how so many parents don’t know what to look for in a daycare. And I thought even harder about how hard it is to find GOOD help nowadays. Just about anybody can say they are good at watching children and would love to be a nanny or teacher, but doing it is another thing.

I want to use my experience as a nanny, babysitter, former preschool teacher and now mom to help other parents out there decide how they can find the best nanny/daycare, what questions to ask, where to look, and most importantly how you KNOW you found a good caretaker after they have been watching your child for a while.

I really hope this series can help someone out there who is confused about where they should start and how they can find someone they can trust to watch their children. I am a total Virgo so in my series I am going to include a lot of lists: what to leave with a sitter, my I.C.E. (in case of emergency) binder checklist, what to ask a babysitter/nanny before you hire them, what to ask a daycare during their interview.

I also really wanted to add something for babysitters, so I will be including a post in this series where I talk about how to find a babysitting/nanny job! I will include my tips on finding the right match, figuring out what to charge, etc.

The post you can look forward to are

  1. Finding the Right Daycare

  2. Finding the Perfect Nanny or Babysitter

  3. How to Know You Have a Good Match (Daycare, Nanny, Babysitter)

  4. List of What to Leave with Daycare/Nanny

  5. Finding a Nanny or Babysitting Job

I may add a few more topics into this series as time goes on but these are my “starting points”. I can’t wait to share all of this information with you and I hope I can help someone out there!