Getting Your Dog Baby-Ready

When we got our dog, Cooper, we had no idea we were pregnant. It’s funny because I actually put down the deposit for him and the next day we found out!

We knew that we wanted to have children but we were not expecting getting a puppy while I was pregnant. So it was even more important to make sure we had a dog who was prepared for a baby and everything that comes with it!

We have two dogs now (Cooper and Lucy) but Lucy grew up with Izzy so we did not have to prepare her for what it would be like to be around a baby. Since Cooper was the only one we had to train I will be exclusively talking about him!

Here are my tips to making sure your dog is baby-ready! And no, I don’t think this should just be for people with babies or who are expecting babies… Every dog should be trained to be okay with these things.

  1. Make sure your dog does not have food aggression… or any aggression!

    I always wanted to make sure our dog would not be aggressive. The last thing you want is for your dog to bite anyone or even growl at anyone. To help Cooper not be food aggressive, I would stick my hand in his food bowl while he ate and play with his food. That way he learned that it is okay for us to touch his food.

    This is something I definitely recommend doing since babies will try to touch the dogs food and water bowls if you give them the chance!

  2. Make sure your dog is ready to be “baby-handled”.

    I have always made sure that our dogs would be ready to be played with how a baby would play with them. I would gently play with their ears, their paws and their fur, I can put my hand in their mouth, I can grab something from their mouth with no issues.

    And this hasn’t just come in handy with Izzy. One time we were on a walk and someone left a chicken wing bone on the sidewalk (which if you are a dog owner you know those are a HUGE no-no)! Cooper picked it up before I could stop him and I said, “Drop it!” but it was stuck in his mouth so I had to reach in and grab it.

    You want to make sure your dog knows that nobody is going to hurt them, and that they can trust people - especially their owner!

  3. Make sure your dog gets lots of practice around other kids!

    I always wanted Cooper to get as much practice as possible around other kids before we brought Izzy home. So we made sure to bring him around other children every time we got the chance.

Cooper and Izzy when she was less than a month old. He has always been obsessed with her!

Cooper and Izzy when she was less than a month old. He has always been obsessed with her!

I hope this article helped you learn what you should prepare your dog for when you bring home your baby!