Babysitting Series: Finding the Right Nanny

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Since the most recent installment in my Babysitting Series was helping you on your quest to find the right daycare, I found it only fitting for my next post to be about finding the right nanny. As you already know, I believe there are both pros and cons of nannies and daycare, but ultimately you need to decide what is best for your family and your children.

I do want to start this off with a personal belief of mine, though.

I think your nanny should be someone you feel 110% comfortable with watching your child. That you know that they will love and care for your child while you are away. I like to think of nannies as an extension of a family. I think it is so hard to write a blog post on finding the right nanny, as I can’t go into as much detail as I would like. Hopefully this can be at least a basic overview to help parents who have no idea where to start their search!

Before you begin your official Nanny Search, I’d say the first thing you should do is figure out what kind of nanny you want: what do you want their parenting style to be, what tasks do you want them to do, what education or experience do you want them to have, how many hours a week, what is non-negotiable, and what is your budget?

I can’t get too specific about each of these points, but I can quickly touch on them so you can see why I think they are so important.

1. Parenting style is important because you want to make sure you and your sitter are on the same page. If you are strict with schedules, make sure your nanny will be too. If you only want you children eating organic and healthy meals make sure your nanny is willing to prepare them.

2. By what tasks you want them to do I mean do you want them doing laundry, dishes, or any other cleaning in your home? Make sure you have these ideas planned out and prepared for when you are interviewing a potential nanny.

3. Education and experience is nice to have, but to some families it is not as important. Some certifications that are beneficial are the CPR / First Aid Certification, a background check, some college courses taken in Child Development, or even just experience as a babysitter or nanny. If they will be driving your child, do you want to know their driving history? These are not necessary, but figure out what kind of background you want your nanny to have.

4. Narrow down what hours and days a week you need care so you can find someone who is willing to accommodate the times you need care.

5. It is so important for you to stand your ground on what you find non-negotiable. Do you want your nanny to have specific qualifications? Do you want them to have a specific parenting style? Make sure you establish what you are not willing to waiver on.

6. Finally, a budget is so important to know. How much money are you willing to pay every month for your child’s care?

Once you have figured out what qualities you would like your nanny to have, you can officially start your search!

The first thing you should do is ask for recommendations from friends and family. They may know someone who is looking for a nanny job who they would refer. If you can’t find someone through recommendations, try using

I have only ever used as a nanny or babysitter looking for work. But based on my past experiences with it, I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for childcare, or looking for a childcare job!

Once you have started your search and found a potential nanny, make sure to schedule an interview with them!

During the interview try to take note of what their demeanor is and pay attention to what your intuition say about them. You NEED to trust your gut. This is someone you could potentially trust with your precious little baby.

Look closely at how are they interacting with your child. When they talk with your child, are they being kind and patient? Are they getting down on your child’s level? Are they trying to play and engage with them?

While interviewing a potential nanny, there are so many questions that I think should be asked. I compiled a list of 5 to get you started, and to help you think of more that you may want to ask!

1. How much do you charge per hour to nanny?

2. What is your availability?

3. What is your education and experience?

4. What is your parenting style? How would you handle ____ situation?

5. How do you feel about sending me updates during the day on how my child is doing?

I could honestly go on for hours about finding the right nanny, but I tried my best to keep it as narrowed down as I could! If you would like me to elaborate more on this topic please let me know. I could either direct message with you, or write another blog post dedicated to this subject! I hope this post helped some parents out there who needed a very basic overview on finding the right nanny!