3 YouTube Channels Every Parent Should Know About

3 Youtube Channels Every Parent Should Know About.png

I’m one of those people who constantly needs something on as “background noise”: whether it is Youtube, a movie, a podcast, a television show, or just music I always need something on!

For the first few months after I had my daughter I could get away with watching my shows. Now that she is getting older though I try to have something on that is appropriate for her to be listening to.

It’s funny though because 95% of the time something is on the television she doesn’t care because she is so used to the noise - like me!

Of course I will still put on my shows or movies sometimes but I try to make sure I always follow it with something that is good for her to listen to!

If you do not let your child watch television and it’s just a special occasion thing - then YouTube channels are perfect for you!

At first, I really struggled with finding something that I could put on that she would enjoy and I would not go crazy having to listen to. Other than Disney movies (of course) I didn’t know what kind of shows or movies to put on for her; Again, not just for her to watch, but just to listen to and learn from.

While I was pregnant I started watching YouTube videos of women posting about their pregnancy. Ever since then I have been obsessed with YouTube! They have so many children’s options, too, but I can’t stand most of my choices.

So I compiled this list of my top 3 favorite YouTube Channels for kids (and babies/toddlers) that I think every parent needs to know about!

  1. SuperSImpleSongs

    This channel is my ABSOLUTE. FAVORITE. EVER!

    Not only are the songs tolerable - but they are actually enjoyable! They make videos with very vivid colors and animations. Most of their songs are educational which is awesome because you want your kid to be watching something that will help them learn!

    Not to mention the fact that they have videos ranging from 3 minutes to over an hour long!

  2. National Geographic Kids

    I love this channel because my daughter loves the zoo, so naturally she loves watching animals on the television! The videos are very educational and if you like Animal Planet you will love this channel!

  3. Peppa Pig - Official Channel

    I think anyone with a child knows about Peppa Pig!

    I actually love this show and think it is so much fun to watch. We don’t have cable though so our options for shows are limited - but on YouTube you can find full episodes of Peppa Pig! So if your child loves this show, you will love this channel!

I hope this list helped to give you some ideas on YouTube Channels for your little!