Why Moms Need Hobbies

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Since I have been so sick lately I have really been slacking on doing the things I love most.

I am the kind of stay at home mom who LOVES staying home with my toddler, but I NEED to get fulfillment by doing other things…. And I definitely think a majority of stay at home moms (or moms in general) are the same way.

I have spent the past few weeks pretty much neglecting all of my hobbies and I have definitely seen how cutting out my hobbies has impacted me and my mental health. I have started feeling like i am not accomplishing anything. I also feel like I am wasting time watching t.v. or laying on the couch when I could be doing something productive at the same time.

The past few days I have started picking back up on my blogging, YouTube, crocheting and bullet journaling - and I have definitely seen a huge improvement in my mood, energy and patience towards Izzy.

As a stay at home mom I think it is so vital to have things that you are working on that have to do with you and your interests - and nothing to do with your kiddos. I think every mom needs to have hobbies that she does that bring her happiness.

Hobbies can improve your mood, “recharge” your energy, and give you an identity that doesn’t have to do with being a mom.

I love being a mom and I also love getting to say I am a mom. It is truly the best job ever and I am so blessed by my baby girl… But I also like to say that I am a wife, I blog, I make videos, and I like to be creative. I think it is important to have multiple titles and not to have your identity be solely in one thing.

Sorry for the shorter post today, but I really wanted to get this point across. I know so many moms out there who struggle with staying at home because they don’t have other things that they like to do for themselves - and I definitely think that is a necessity for everyone (but especially for stay at home moms since your life revolves around your children).

If you need any hobby suggestions I will list some of mine right here for you!
- Blogging
- Making YouTube Videos
- Crocheting
- Calligraphy
- Bullet Journaling
- Yoga (I am trying to get into this one)
- Making ANYTHING with my Cricut machine!

If you want to share your hobbies in the comments section down below, I would love to read them! I hope this post inspires you to pick up a new hobby, or I hope it reminds you to stick with your old hobbies!