Why Having a Night Away is so Important for Parents

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I’m going to be honest and admit something here that I hadn’t realized until this past weekend…

Collin and I have never had a full night away from Izzy completely on our own.

So crazy, right? I mean, we went to Las Vegas with some friends last August for one of my best friend’s birthday, but I don’t know how much I count that trip since Collin and I weren’t completely on our own. Other than that, we are almost always with Izzy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby girl, but sometimes I need a break. And by sometimes I mean pretty often. I realized this past weekend (even though we spent less than 24 hours away from her) that we had been missing out on some important time away from our baby girl, and together just the two of us.

Next week’s blog post will be focused specifically on finding that spark after kids, and reconnecting after such a huge life change. But this week I wanted to just talk about our trip to remind all of you couples out there that you don’t need to do something fancy to spend time together.

So, I guess I will start with where we went!

At 3:00pm on Saturday we dropped off Izzy with her bestie (and our good friend’s house). We then went to the Carter Estate Winery. Even though we live so close to it, it still felt like a getaway. We had to wait until 4:00 pm to check in, so we hung out by the pool and browsed the menus.

Look at how dorky I look and how cute my husband is!

Once we were able to check in, we enjoyed a free bottle of red wine. I am not a wine drinker, but dang was this wine good! After drinking this I definitely want to start drinking wine.


Our room was an amazing 600 square foot bungalow with a huge shower and an even bigger bathtub; and if you know me, you know bathtubs are kind of my jam!

Our bungalow even had a private patio that looked out onto the vineyard. I could stare at that view all day!


It was a pretty chilly (Southern California) night, so we spent the rest of the night in the hotel room.

We ordered food from Yard House and Grubhub delivered it. We drank sparkling wine and red wine. We watched Harry Potter since there was a Wizarding World Weekend Movie Marathon on the television. I took a bath in that huge bathtub, and then we watched a movie together on my laptop… Well, I watched the movie and Collin fell asleep less than halfway through.


In the morning, breakfast was delivered to our door. We ate our food and watched some more movies. We laughed, talked, cuddled, and really just got to spend quality time together.

I felt like this time was so necessary for us since it reminded me that we are still a unit even without Izzy there with us.

I realized that it is so important to take time to get a break from “the real world” with your spouse. You need to recharge as an individual, and reconnect as a couple. Remember that one day your kids will move out, and it will just be you and your spouse again. So make sure you spend time to grow that relationship even when life is crazy.

I hope this post reminds all of you parents out there how important it is to get away, even if it is just for less than 24 hours, and even if all you do is hang out in a hotel room, eat, drink wine, and watch movies.