Preparing for the New Year

With the New Year coming up I thought I would do a New Year themed post!

People often look at the New Year as a fresh start. A new beginning for better habits, career advancements, new relationship goals, and just whatever their heart desires. I am the kind of person who definitely believes any day can be the beginning of something new - but I do love a new year!

Setting goals is a great thing to do. It is always good to learn and experience new things because you truly will never know and see everything. I used to be absolutely terrible at setting (and sticking to) goals, but I definitely found a few things that helped me. Here are a few tips that have not only helped me set my goals, but also accomplish them.

First, I make sure my goals are not motivated by others.

I make sure I am setting/achieving my goals for myself. One example is my blog; I started it for myself and I continue to post in it for myself. I don’t worry about how many followers I have as long as I am genuinely happy doing what I am doing - which I definitely am!

Second, I make sure my goals are not only specific, but also realistic.

You want to set goals that are actually attainable. The goals you set should be extremely specific so you know exactly what you are striving for; for example, work out more vs. working out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That way you can keep yourself accountable on a monthly and daily basis.

Which brings me to my third tip, make your goals for the year, but also make goals on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis.

Every day I write in my bullet journal and create my to-do list for the day. I even have a monthly goals section and a weekly to-do list to help keep me accountable. Your goals will never get accomplished unless you work hard and are constantly striving to improve yourself!

I am so ready for 2019 - I have already written my personal resolutions as well as my blogging resolutions. To give you a little sneak peek into my life I decided to share my blogging goals in this post (and will possibly share my personal ones in a separate post).

My first blogging goal for the new year is to help someone. Whether it is a new mom, a friend, someone struggling with mental health, or even someone just looking for some advice on parenting, I want to help.

My second goal is to finish my course and get my certificate to teach Childbirth Classes. I am so excited to be able to use my knowledge to help other moms! I cannot wait to be someone that people can go during such a crazy time in their life.

My third goal is to stay consistent with my blog and to not get discouraged from writing it. I want to always remind myself that I am writing this blog to help others and because I genuinely enjoy writing.

It is so important to remember that you should not get discouraged if you do not reach your goals. It is okay if your goals change into others or if you decide you don’t want to chase a particular dream anymore. People change and it’s okay for your dreams and aspirations to change along with you. Enjoy yourself along the way because life is all about the journey, not the destination.

And don’t be afraid to set a new goal that may seem scary! You are never too old to learn something new! You don’t have to be the best - just be yourself.