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In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to write a post for all of the moms out there. Whether you are a birth mom, adoptive mom, step-mom, mama of angel babies, mama trying to conceive sticky-baby-number-one, this post is for you.

I know this is extremely late, as Mother’s Day was over a week ago, but I needed to take a much-needed break from my blog. After over six months of consistent posting, starting my YouTube channel, nannying, and freelance writing, I felt like I needed a little break! But I am so glad to be back, and hope this post can be encouraging to all the mamas out there!

I am going to write little descriptions on what each word means to me when it relates to being a mom, but determine what each word may mean to you on your journey through motherhood and feel free to comment your thoughts down below!

Moms are…


Moms are constantly putting others first. It doesn’t matter if mom WANTS me time, if she doesn’t have the chance to take it she won’t. She is making sure everyone else is fed, diapers are changed, laundry is clean - basically always trying to make sure everyone else is happy and healthy.

And once she knows everyone else is, then she takes care of herself.


I am 99.99% sure that when you become a mom your heart grows at least 100 times its size. You constantly feel your heart overflowing with love for these little human(s) you created/raised.

Moms are so brave.

Not only do they have to go through pregnancy, labor and childbirth - but then they have to tackle parenthood. There are so many ways for your children to get hurt emotionally and physically, and mamas are just trying to stop any pain they can from happening.

And they don’t show when they’re afraid. They show how brave they are so their children can learn how to be brave themselves.

And when life isn’t going well, they are still brave in front of their children, FOR their children. This can be so emotionally draining, but they do it so their children don’t have to feel the burden.

Moms are so strong physically, mentally and emotionally. Not only do they have to endure both the physical and emotional pain that comes along with pregnancy, labor and childbirth, but they also have to deal with all of the trials motherhood throws at them. Whether it is the sleepless nights, the tantrums, the minimal me time, the stress that comes with working 24/7, etc…

Moms are so strong for themselves and their children - because they HAVE to be.

Moms are their child’s number one cheerleader. When they get an A on a difficult test, when they finally land their first cartwheel, when they get an award for being the nicest kid in school, whatever it is, moms are always there encouraging their children.

They are also their to pick up their child and support them when they don’t get the grade they wanted, when they don’t make the team they worked so hard to join, when they don’t get invited to that sleepover.

Moms are there for unconditional love and support, whether the situation is good or bad.


When you become a mom, you learn to do many things at once.

Hold the baby while you cook dinner. Listen to your insurance agent on the phone while listening to make sure your child is playing nicely. Listen to your favorite podcast while simultaneously teaching your child all about their colors and shapes. Cook dinner while playing cars with your toddler… Just to name a few.


Moms wear so many hats. Sometimes I feel l should be able to write down all of my daily tasks onto a job resume just so employers could know everything I can manage at one time.

I cook all our meals, drive the kids around, translate when nobody understands my toddler talking, water the plants, care for the animals, buy the groceries, do the laundry and dishes, clean the house, pay the bills, find time for my hobbies and coursework, and so much more.

Being a mom is way more work than just raising your children!


Moms are the glue that hold the home and family together.
Mama, you rock and you deserve the world every day - not just on Mother’s Day.



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