Babysitting Series: How to Find a Job as a Nanny

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I started to nanny back in 2013 when I got my first official job at a preschool. Since then I have watched and had the pleasure of teaching well over a hundred children. I have always had a passion for watching kids, as when I was growing up I always just felt like I was meant to be a mom.

Last summer, I decided I wanted to try to find a way to make some money from home. So, I looked into finding a nanny job and luckily I found the most amazing family ever! The toddler I nanny for is more like a second daughter to me, and her family feels like an extension of mine. Which is something I had told her mother during our first interview.

I love being a nanny because not only do I get to bring some extra money home, but my daughter has someone to play with during the day. Together, they are learning social skills, sharing, taking turns, how to communicate, and just how to treat a friend!

One of my favorite things about watching children is also the fact that you are molding their minds. The first five years are so crucial, so you want to make sure that you are giving them all of the love, support, attention, encouragement, and guidance that they need to help them be the best person they can be.

So needless to say, I love my “job”!

And once I found my job, I had so many moms asking me how I did it. Why I did it. And How they could do the same.

It’s impossible for me to give everyone one-on-one help in finding a job, but I decided I will lay out all my best tips in this blog post. They aren’t a magical solution, but hopefully if you use these tips you may be able to find a job that is the perfect fit for you!

Before you decide to find a job, make sure that it is the right job for you. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind while you are watching someone else’s child, but here are a few very important points I wanted to bring up.

- What will you do when you or the child gets sick?

- What are you going to do when you or the family goes on vacation?

- You need to remember that if something happens to the child while you are watching them, that you can be held responsible.

- And is being a nanny right for you?

Once you have decided that you are ready and excited to be a nanny, my first piece of advice before you even start looking is to decide what you want in a job.

- Why do you want to find a job?

- How many days or hours a week?

- How much will you charge?

- How many children do you want to watch? - Keep in mind that you are only allowed to watch children from one family without a daycare license.

- Do you want to watch them in your home or in their home?

- Are you willing to do chores, cooking, transportation?

Laying out all of this information will help you narrow down what jobs you are going to apply for. So that way you are not wasting your time, or the family’s time.

After you have decided what you want, figure out what makes you stand out.

- Why do they want to hire you? What will you bring to the table that other nannies might not?

- What is your experience and education?

- What is your personality like?

It’s important to make sure you are going to stand out. There are so many people constantly looking for nanny and babysitting jobs. You want to make sure the parents notice you and trust you with their child!

Before your interview, also make sure to narrow down what your parenting philosophy is. You want to be able to tell the parents how you would handle particular situations, what you choose to do for discipline, encouragement, how you like to teach your children, etc. You want to be on the same page as the family you will be working for.

When you start searching for a job, the first place you should look is to friends and family. Maybe they need some help, or maybe they know someone who needs some help! Recommendations are always a great thing - especially when it comes to childcare. If you can’t find a job through recommendations, check out (which is where I found my job). I suggest paying for one month to better your chances of finding a family! (And in no way is this post sponsored by, this is just based on my personal experience with them).

Make sure if you create an account with that you have a very detailed bio that shows how you stand out. Don’t be afraid to reach out to families, and remember to be yourself during the interview. Don’t get discouraged if the job doesn’t work out. Just try to remember that you want to find a job that will be the perfect match for you, the child, and the parents.

If you have any more questions, need any advice, or even want some one-on-one help with creating an account, don’t be afraid to send me and email at or send me a DM on Instagram!


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