20 Facts About Me!

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For one of my very first blog posts I thought it was only fitting to give you a glimpse into my life and who I am!

1.  My birthday is September 14 and I am a Virgo! I don’t necessarily believe in astrology but I am the DEFINITION of a Virgo.

2.  I met my husband, Collin, when I was 17 years old and still in high school! We got married three years later when I was 20.


3.  I gave birth to my the most perfect baby girl, Isabel (Izzy) Kalea, when I was 21 years old!

Izzy newborn birth.jpg

4.  I have three older sisters, a little sister, and a little brother. I also have two step siblings as well.

5.  I have always had a lot of pets so naturally as I got older I needed to have a home full of animals!

6.  My favorite food is ice cream but people like to tell me that doesn’t count so I would say acai bowls and pizza!

7.  I live in Southern California and have never been out of the country but I would love to one day!

8.  Surprisingly my favorite weather is rain – even though it rarely ever rains where I live.

9.  I worked at preschools for three years as either an assistant or a teacher and I loved every second of it – even though it was extremely challenging.

10.  My husband and I just purchased our first home and I couldn’t be more excited to be rooted in one place.

11.  My nickname growing up was Budderball Turkey, but my family called me Budder for short. I still get called Budder by my dad and sometimes my mom.

12.  I am completely Disney obsessed! I LOVE watching Disney movies, going to Disneyland, listening to Disney music. Just EVERYTHING Disney!!!!

13.  I am addicted to buying books. I obviously haven’t had time to read all of them but there’s something about going to the used book store and finding so many books you’re interested in reading!

14.  Speaking of addictions, I am also addicted to buying notebooks. I probably have about 20 notebooks and only 5 are being used right now.

15.  My last addiction is buying S’ip by S’well water bottles! They are my FAVORITE and I could have a million of them and still not have enough! Right now I have 13… but I would love to get more one day!

16.  I have been seeing a therapist and psychiatrist for my mental health. Normally I don’t talk about this but I think it is so important to talk about mental health because everyone has their own struggles! I plan on having posts on my mental health journey and tips that I have learned along the way from my therapist, psychiatrist and from my own experience.

17.  Speaking of mental health, my nervous habit is to bite my nails. I absolutely cannot stop biting them so that’s why I get acrylics! Not only does having acrylics help me not bite my nails, it also improves my self esteem and gives me mandatory me time! It’s a win-win-win!

18.  Okay so this one is a little weird but I still have my baby blankie.

19.  My favorite movies at the moment are the live action Beauty and the Beast and the Greatest Showman. Those movies give me all. the. feels.

20.  I am an extroverted introvert. I can be shy sometimes but once you get to know me I literally don’t stop talking.


I hope these little facts about me gave you an insight into who I am! If you actually read the whole thing you get a gold star because you’re literally a Rockstar!

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