4 Month Celexa Update

4 Month Celexa Update.png

So last time I updated you all on my mental health, I was not in the best place. I had just started taking Celexa but was still on Zoloft and the combination of the two was terrible for me.

I am SO happy to report that I am feeling good. Not just good, actually. Great. Fantastic. Like a normal, functioning human being. I remember who I am again (because I had lost myself for a while there) and I am so glad.

Of course I still deal with depression and anxiety, but now it does not feel as bad and I am able to use my coping skills to help myself (most of the time). Medicine has helped me, but medicine is not a cure.

I am able to get out of bed each morning. I am able to keep my house semi-clean. I am able to wake up early each day. Last week I just started working out and I am back to reading my daily devotional. I am making some huge steps in the right direction.

If you want to know specifics, I am taking 20 mg of Celexa each night. I think the typical dosage is 40 mg per day; but when my psychiatrist and I tried to bump up my dosage (because my anxiety is still high at times), I had some terrible side effects so I went back to 20 mg. And even though I still deal with my depression and anxiety, the medicine helps tremendously and I am so grateful.

If I could give anyone advice who is dealing with mental health issues it would be this; if you need help. Get it!

Don’t be afraid to see a specialist. Sometimes medication is necessary. Mental illness is just as real as a physical illness and you need to take your health (and safety) seriously.

And if you are on medication and it isn’t working - keep searching. You need to find the medicine and dosage that works for your body. And I know it can be daunting to switch medications, but trust me when I say that it is so perfect when you find the perfect fit.

I know this is a shorter blog post, but I needed to put this out there for anyone dealing with mental illness and needs a “light at the end of the tunnel” story to hear… or in this case, read!

I am always here for you if you need someone to talk to. Especially when it comes to your mental health. I am not a psychiatrist or therapist but I can give my best (mediocre) advice and support!