Cheap Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

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Before I get into this blog post I HAVE to tell you something.

While writing this title I couldn’t help but laugh, because a “cheap date” does not SOUND like what you want; but when you are on a budget or just being frugal, it’s what you want! So, I apologize for not being able to think of a better word to take the place of “cheap”!

Collin and I have always been on a tight budget.

When we first moved in together, we had bills and things to buy. Then we got engaged and we had to save for a wedding. Then we moved into a bigger place and had to buy more furniture and had even more bills. Then I got pregnant, we had a baby, bought a house (well, condo), and you get the point… MONEY IS TIGHT.

But the thing is, money is tight for a lot of people. Most people just don’t discuss their financial woes. Understandably so, though. I grew up in a home where we didn’t discuss money, so as an adult I don’t feel the need to either. And I don’t have a problem if you do, I just won’t go around talking about money with anyone unless they ask.

I was thinking of some blog post ideas for my marriage category. I want to provide blog posts that will not only be enjoyable, but also helpful in some way. This blog post is intended to help other couples out there (like Collin and I) who don’t have the money to go out to nice dinners, or maybe even couples who can’t afford to hire a baby sitter so they may need to do in-home date nights.

Here are 5 cheap (or frugal, whatever you prefer) date ideas for couples on a budget! Also I do want to preface that there will be a lot of talk of “yummy drinks” or alcohol in this blog post. I don’t have a problem - I’m just a Christian girl who loves a nice drink after my baby girl goes to bed.

1. Make a fort together

This definitely has to be one of my all-time favorite dates!

I am a homebody, so getting to stay in and make some yummy food, drink yummy drinks and watch a movie in a fort is my version of Heaven on Earth!

Silly, adult. Forts aren’t just for kids! So unleash your inner child and get to some fort-building!

One of the best things about this date, too, is that you can do anything after you have built the fort: video games, board games, watch a movie or new show, enjoy a nice drink or do other grown-up adult things… Which is so weird to type. Sorry to any of my family members reading this and are picking up what I’m putting down. This IS a blog post for married couples, though.


2. Cook, make drinks, and bake together!

This one isn’t something that Collin and I do together, but I really want to try it out some time! I can picture such a cute date that involves Collin and I cooking a new meal together; getting excited if it turns out great, and laughing if it turns out terrible. Also, after you can even bake a new dessert together!

But something we used to do frequently (before I got pregnant with Izzy) was make new mixed drinks: we would make lemon drops, margaritas, pina coladas, etc. And learning how to make new drinks is always fun to try with your partner!


3. $10 Target Run

This is one of my favorites because it involves so many things I love: Target, buying stuff from Target, looking around at Target… oh, and a date night with my husband.

Pretty much any woman could find joy out of this date.

Collin and I have only done this once before, but we went to Target with a budget and walked around the store separately, picking out something for each other. I got Collin a nice whiskey glass with the letter B on it, and he got me a fabulously soft blanket. We both went out of our price range, but it was still relatively cheap and a nice date (with nice souvenirs to remember it by)!


4. Go get a special dessert

I have a confession to make… not really a confession since it’s no secret, but I am addicted to ice cream.

It’s my favorite food, and just brings me so much joy. I know I have a problem, but at least I have come to terms with it. (hopefully you get that I am completely kidding, but totally serious at the same time). A few weeks ago, I started eating healthier and working out from home. If you want to know what I am changing up I can definitely do a blog post.

Ever since I started trying to eat healthier, dessert is no longer something we keep in our house. And the only time I get to indulge in sweets is on the weekends. Cue the tiny violin as my heart breaks from a lack of ice cream.

On the weekends though, I get to rejoice because I am finally reunited with my beloved ice cream. So, to me, the perfect date ALWAYS consists of a dessert. And it’s a super cheap thing to buy while on a date.

So go get a special dessert (if you’re a sweet junkie like me), and either go home and eat it while you watch a movie or hang out in your fort you already made, or go eat it at the dessert shop or go to the park. Just enjoy each other’s company while you get to eat yummy food.


5. Get your booty into nature!

Excuse the fact that I just said booty, but when I was writing down this point, this is how my mind said it. Lately, Izzy loves shaking her booty, so that word is huge in my vocabulary these days. But since that really shows where my mom brain is, I’m gonna keep it. You’re welcome.

Seriously though, if you don’t want to spend any money just go out somewhere. We are lucky because we are close to the mountains, the beach, wineries, parks, lakes, harbors, etc. But just pick your favorite spot (or even try out a new place) and go enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors.

Go on a hike, a bike ride, a run (if you’re crazy and working out is fun for you), just do whatever sounds fun!


Alright couples.

Now that I have given you some cheap date ideas (still laughing at how bad “cheap date” sounds), go date your significant other and let me know how it goes! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to go on a date, but you do need to date if you’re in a relationship. It is so important to spend time with your partner and just keep growing the love you have for one another.


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