the Introduction to My Interview Series

the Introduction to my Interview Series.png

Before I tell you all about this series, I have to tell you the backstory on how it came to be.

I have always wondered what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes.

Growing up, I had a few ideas on what I wanted to do when I was an adult (like every other child): first, it was be a firefighter, then it was be a veterinarian, then it was be a special education teacher. Life happens, plans change, and we end up doing things we never expected. I obviously never ended up being any of those things, but when I taught preschool I did have a few children with undiagnosed special needs in my classroom - so I did get some experience in that field.

But needless to say, if you can’t tell from my former dream jobs, my goal in life has always been to help others.

So, last October (as you may already know), I decided to stop caring about what others think and create a blog as a platform for me to help other moms through my past experiences and advice. I wanted to take two of my passions (the first being writing and the second being helping) and combine them into something that I could pour my heart and soul into.

Throughout the past few months I have tried finding new ways of helping other moms. I have tried to figure out how to connect moms together and bloggers together. Which is why I created my Facebook and Instagram group for moms and my Instagram group for bloggers! – Shameless promo. P.S. Join if you haven’t already!

When I created my Facebook group for moms, I thought nobody would want to join. But an old friend of mine from high school asked if she could, and I happily obliged! I knew she had given birth to her son a few months before my daughter was born, but I rarely saw pictures of him. I assumed that she was just secretive with her photos (which I totally understand) so I never thought anything of it! She wasn’t the only one who joined BUT this is very vital to the story….

One of the first posts I wrote on our wall was an introduction thread. I pretty much knew everyone joining but I wanted the ladies to all get to know one another. Which is when Alana, my old friend from high school, commented about herself and her son.

She wrote, “Hi ladies, my name is Alana Holloway. I’m a 24-year-old single mother to my son Aiden Joseph. He is 1 year old, will be 2 in February. I am a part time student to get my degree is Kinesiology. My son keeps me busy due to him having Cerebral Palsy so I don’t have much time for any hobbies. I’m really excited to meet new moms in this group 😊”

At first I was shocked as I had no idea her son had Cerebral Palsy. Then I had questions. I thought about how I wanted to know what her life was like, how she handled everything, what she needed for support. And just what it is like to walk in her shoes.

I know I couldn’t possibly ever relate, because everyone’s situation is different. But I wanted to TRY.

But months went by and I didn’t ask my questions. I feel like the world is so difficult to navigate nowadays. You offend someone with everything you say, and you aren’t allowed to just state your feelings anymore. To be completely honest, I am having a hard time writing this blog post because I want to make sure I am saying everything the “right” way. I didn’t want to ask her and have her take it the wrong way when I genuinely just wanted to know so I could help somehow.

After finding out about her son’s diagnosis I started doing some research on Cerebral Palsy. I wanted to know what the condition was and how it affected a person. Which is where I discovered the SBSK YouTube Channel – Special Books by Special Kids. And let me tell you, this channel is amazing! It showcases people with special needs and allows them to tell their story, and let’s you have a glimpse into their life. Most importantly, it teaches you how you can be their friend.

After many videos, and many tears, my heart was touched so deeply I knew I had to do something. I had to find out more.

This YouTube channel is great, but it talked mainly from the perspective of the person with special needs. And I wanted to know what it was like to be the mother of a person with special needs. I wanted to spread awareness and to know how others could help them.

And I realized. I created my blog as a platform for myself, when it should really be a platform for moms of all walks of life.

I want to interview the mom whose child has special needs. The mom who works full time. The mom who suffers from a condition herself. The mom who had a miscarriage or a stillborn. The mom who adopted. The woman who struggles with infertility and would do anything to be a mom. Any mom or woman who is willing to share their story.

I want my blog to become a place where moms can feel judgement-free. Where you can tell your story and receive all of the encouragement and support you need. Because that is what the world needs right now. The world could use some more love! Can I get an AMEN?!

So we have finally reached the purpose of this blog post. This is my way of telling you that I am going to start interviewing moms and have them give us a glimpse of their life on my blog. I have a few interviews lined up – specifically with moms who have children that have special needs (or are differently-abled).

So please come on this journey with me while I learn more about what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes. And I hope you will learn something new, too!