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Eli is a 5-year-old with a big personality: he’s sweet, goofy and already so ambitious.

He is completely obsessed with Minecraft. If it has anything to do with Minecraft, you can bet that Eli is going to love it! He loves talking, his mom and dad, Nerf guns, swords, Pokemon, monster trucks, and just so many more. He isn’t very into watching television, but he does love to watch YouTube videos.

And when Eli grows up, he has decided that he wants to be a YouTuber… well, at least for now! He’s only five, but his goals have already caused him to start up his own YouTube channel, Eli’s World.

It was actually his idea to start his own channel. His mother was a little skeptical at first, but he seemed very determined and excited to make videos. His mother is extremely supportive, and decided to follow along (and help him) on this creative endeavor – and Eli is loving every second of it!

On his channel, he makes a variety of videos that both children and adults would enjoy watching. Other children would enjoy watching all of his videos, but their favorites would probably be his toy unboxings and craft ideas. Adults would particularly enjoy watching the videos where you just get to see Eli’s personality – he is such a charismatic and hilarious boy!

And if you are a parent looking for snack ideas for your kiddos, Eli’s got your back! He has quite a few videos up that show healthy snacks for your children. And the best part about the snacks? They are super easy and fun to make, so your kids will have a blast making (and eating) them!

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Eli came up with all of the video concepts that you see on his channel, and they are based on anything and everything he loves. He even has a running list of all his video ideas that are just waiting to be filmed! His mother helps him film and edit his videos, then uploads them for him.

Even though he is only 5, Eli is already extremely passionate about making videos for his YouTube channel. The second the camera is pointed towards him, he is all smiles and excited to film.

When you watch his videos, you can really see his true colors shining: he is silly, charming, talkative and extremely outspoken (definitely an unfiltered little boy). Needless to say, he has such a huge personality packed in to such a tiny body! If you ask his mom, she will tell you that Eli’s energy is at an 11 all day… and that’s on a scale from 1 to 10.

Not only is Eli such a genuine and funny little boy, but he is also very sweet and kind. This really showed in preparation for this post when Eli was asked, “If you had a friend who wanted to start a YouTube channel, but was too afraid to, what would you tell them?” His response? “Look at the camera and pretend like you’re talking to me!”

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You can find Eli at Eli’s World on YouTube.

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