Why I Chose to be a Childbirth Educator

Why I Want to be a Childbirth Educator.png

When I was growing up I always knew I wanted to be a mom.

I loved everything pregnancy, birth and parenting related. My dad and I always stopped to point out cute babies while we were out in public. And I couldn’t help but be excited for when I got to be a mom one day.

When I was pregnant I thought I knew everything that I needed to get through my labor and delivery.

I watched so many videos and read so many articles and books. I never took a childbirth education class but I wanted to try to aim for a natural (no epidural or any other drugs) birth.

I thought I was so prepared for that huge life changing event. I even had a doula and a midwife I could contact for extra support and advice when I needed it!

But when I FINALLY went into labor (which took what seems like forever) all of my knowledge went straight out the window.

Instead of trying to “ride” each contraction like I was taught in the videos I watched, I was afraid because they were so painful and already so close together. I felt pressured into receiving the epidural and I definitely caved in being in such a vulnerable state.

Check out my birth story blog post for all the details on my birth experience!

I am not saying I will not get an epidural with the next labor but I still want to try to not get one. I try not to have any birth expectations so I don’t get disappointed.

After my birth, which was still the most perfect experience, I had a few regrets about my decisions for labor and delivery.

I wished that I had taken a childbirth education course in order to learn as much as possible to better prepare myself and Collin (my husband) for what labor was going to be like.

At this point, the past few years I had been looking into becoming a birth doula. I thought that would be the most amazing job ever! But the issue was – how was I supposed to help someone in labor when I would have my own family?

Doulas have to assist their clients whenever they go into labor. That could be the middle of the night, it could be an all-day thing, you just never know. With children I would have to have family or a babysitter to watch my daughter but we have no family close by and can’t really afford to pay a sitter for that long.

So being a doula right now was out of the question. Maybe in the future, though!

So, I did some more research and found the Childbirth Educator Training through Birth Arts International. I loved how the classes could be taken online and they were extremely affordable (especially compared to other certifications).

I got in touch with Demetria, the woman behind Birth Arts, and she was extremely kind and helpful. I absolutely loved all the support I was receiving so I decided to sign up for the course!

I plan on using this course to not only better prepare myself for the future, but to also help other women who want to know everything they can about birth.

I think no matter what your “birth plan” is, you should still be educated in all types of birth. You cannot plan out everything that is going to happen so you have to go with the flow and listen to/trust your body.

I hope when I am done with my course I can help other women be confident and educated in their birthing decisions and their birth experience!