Hey loves!

My name is Lily. I am a 23 year old stay at home mom to a beautiful two-year old girl! I have been married for two years to my best friend and love of my life, Collin! I am passionate about anything and everything mom, baby, pregnancy and birth related - and hope that I can help you learn a thing or two from my experiences as a mom, former preschool teacher, and soon-to-be Childbirth Educator!

My Pregnancy + Childbirth pages will be all about my must-haves, tips and just informative posts on pregnancy and childbirth. As I continue my Birth Arts International course (and eventually finish it) I will be taking everything I learn and implementing it on my blog! I hope to start up my own Childbirth Education services. Which actually helped me name my blog… mama + B.A.B.E. childbirth classes!

Oh, and P.S. B.A.B.E. stands for Birth, Antenatal, Baby Education.

For my Parenting page, I will be utilizing my experience as a mama, former preschool teacher and nanny for my best tips on raising children and different activities to do with your littles! I also add in some approaches to parenthood that I picked up from my college courses in Child Development on how to raise your child intentionally and respectfully.

My Mom Life page is all about my journey through this crazy walk of life! I wanted to have a page where readers could get to know me a little better. I will be talking about everything from my life as a mommy to married life to mental health and just so much more. I hope that I can help someone out there by sharing my personal stories.

I am so excited to share what I love with you!



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